Sheikh Ejaz Ahmad Trust


Sheikh Ejaz Ahmad Trust Dialysis Centre Jinnah Hospital Lahore

Perfect Example of Govt. sector and Philanthropy

Established on : 16th March 2006
Dialysis Stations: 12 Machines

Till date more than 65000 totally free of Cost Quality dialysis sessions have been conducted at Sheikh Ejaz Ahmad Trust Dialysis Centre Jinnah Hospital Lahore (SEAT).
ISO Certified Dialysis Centre on Quality Management System and Environmental Management System
Strict Policy for Patient accommodation, first come first serve. No one can break the Queue, because we believe it a crime.

Treatment Facility (Our Patients are Our VIPs)

  • Separate comfortable retiring area (Pre Dialysis and Post Dialysis) for the patient.
  • State of the art equipment and ambiance for dialysis patients.
  • Separate cabins for each patient with TV, AC and WI FI Facility for the patients to spend their time with comfort.
  • Separate cabins and separate instruments for each patient to prevent cross infection.
  • Use of Aprons, protective gloves, tissues sheets to prevent cross infections.
  • Separate kit for every dialysis patient to avoid cross infection.
  • Color Coding technique for Instruments.
  • Color Coding Technique for Dialysis Machine.
  • Separate area and separate dialysis machines for C + ve patients to avoid cross infection.
  • After every dialysis session machine disinfection is must to avoid any risk of cross infection.

Quality Management System

  • Patient Feed Back Concept.
  • Feedback directly taken from the patient by filling a Performa.
  • We implemented Courtesy levels monitoring tool, GST (Greet, Smile, Thanks)
  • Patient / Attendant View Forms.
  • Performance Monitoring System for Doctors, Staff Nurses and Premedical staff.
  • After Highest level of Patient Satisfaction every one can performance bonuses (Full Basic Salary) every month from SEAT.
  • Two Best Performer of the month also selected.
  • Due to Planned preventive maintenance management system we have zero breakdowns in last 8 years.

Patient and Attendants Convenience

  • Full Time Free Cafeteria for Patients, Attendants and children.
  • Two canteen boys always remain around them to fulfill their needs.
  • Quality food according to their treatment is available (Grilled Chicken Pieces, Chicken Sandwich, Juices, Cold Drinks, Tea, Coffee, Candies, and Chocolates.

Next Project

In a population of 180 million in our country about 5 million, are suffering from some form of kidney disease. The prevalence of kidney diseases is increasing all over the world, more so in the developing countries. Number of patients who reach the end stage kidney disease is also increasing, these patients needs some kind of renal replacement therapies in the form of dialysis or transplantation.
According to rough estimates at least 100,000 patients in Pakistan need dialysis. The available facilities (combining private and public sector) cater less than 10 percent of the needy patients. The Government of Punjab is already committed to provide dialysis facilities for all those patients who are in need.
Lahore being capital of Punjab Province and Jinnah Hospital Lahore being one of the major hospitals where all the ancillary support is available for patients with kidney diseases, establishing state of art Nephrology Unit will serve our national endeavor of optimizing health facilities to general masses. This project will

  • Provide treatment facilities for a part of Lahore and the surrounding communities.
  • Function as a referral center for a wide area from the whole of the province.
  • Serve as a model and state of the art dialysis facility at a much larger scale compared to the existing one.
  • Upgrade the kidney transplant services to meet the increasing demands.
  • Enhance academic, research and training facilities for the doctors, nurses, dialysis technicians and other paramedics in this field.

The project will provide twenty additional dialysis slots and a fifteen bedded nephrology ward.

Unique Model of Public and philanthropy partnership

Sheikh Ejaz Ahmad trust (SEAT) constructed the existing dialysis center and provided dialysis machines in 2006. The trust is also providing ongoing support in the form of

  • Meeting the deficiencies on day to day basis
  • Ensuring quality of care with appointment of salaried staff.
  • Awarding monetary incentives every month to the staff that meets the patient satisfaction criteria.
  • Provision of free nutritious food to the patients.

The trust will bear the major cost of this proposed project by building and renovating the whole structure and purchasing new Latest Model Dialysis Machines along with installation of Water Treatment System.
The trust will have an ongoing partnership in the form of ensuring quality control, enhancing patient facilitation and comfort, and contributing resources on regular basis.

Capital Cost estimates 1.Building & Renovation

2. Equipment s; Dialysis Machines, RO system, X ray and Ultrasound Machine etc.

Financial plan and mode of financing The scheme will be funded through the Annual Development Program/Block Allocation of Provincial Government with major assistance from SEAT.
Project benefits and analysis
Financial It is an admitted fact that during the recent years, Jinnah Hospital is being ranked as the best teaching hospital, structured on modern lines.


The institution is providing best health care delivery system at one end and at the same time, serving as a best teaching aid for the students of its allied Allama Iqbal Medical College. Implementation of the project shall have indirect financial benefits in longer run in as much as future clinicians would be getting quality education in the field and serving the ailing humanity later on.

The patients can be effectively rehabilitated back into their family, contributing towards economic growth of the society.

Social benefits with indicators Nephrology department at Jinnah Hospital Lahore with its diagnostic, treatment, and research and training facilities shall be a referral center, both for Punjab and other Provinces of Pakistan.

With provision of the facility, the patients would be properly treated with least complications, thereby decreasing morbidity and mortality. Significant number of these patients would be able to return to their routine life as usual citizens and contribute their share in economic growth of the society.

As such, it would serve the dual purpose of providing clinical coverage to the patients as well as fulfilling academic needs of students of Allama Iqbal Medical College, Lahore and College of Physician and Surgeon of Pakistan for post graduate training.

Employment generation (direct and indirect) With the extension of dialysis centre and start of nephrology ward new staff will be recruited at all levels to cater the needs of this new project.
Environmental impact There will be no negative environment impact after implementation of this project.

Lake City

Lake City is a resort / residential development, planned 13 km on the outskirts of Lahore. The affluent factor in nominating the site, in view of the mounting pollution levels in the city, were its environmentally serene surrounding in close proximity to Lahore. The development derives its name from the artificial lakes that will form the focal point of the habitat. Website :

Ejaz Group of Companies

EJAZ GROUP OF COMPANNIES was established in 1950 with the objective of setting up an international trading house in Pakistan. Trading in the fields of Polypropylene, Chemicals, Oils, Cement, Textile and other related products was successfully achieved by the end of 1980. Website:


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