Gohar Ejaz

(Sitara –e-Imtiaz)


Born in 1966, a qualified Business Graduate from Karachi University, Karachi. Ejaz Group of Companies is employing more than 3000 people and a turnover of Rs. 10.0 Billion per annum.


Mr. Gohar Ejaz is also the Chief Executive of “The Lake City Holdings (Pvt.) Ltd”, a 2000 acre resort / residential project, planned at 13 km on the outskirts of Lahore, with an 18-hole PGA golf course & 8000 luxury bungalows/villas, also featuring Sinuous Lakes, Landscape Architecture, Parks and Pavilions, Civic Amenities and Shopping Malls.

CHAIRMAN APTMA (2010-2011)

Mr. Gohar Ejaz has served as Chairman of All Pakistan Textile Mills Association (APTMA), the premier textile industry association of the country.
His selfless, dedicated and successful espousal of the cause of the industry for provision of essential wherewithal for optimizing its contribution to the economy and general welfare is a notable achievement.
Mr. Gohar Ejaz galvanized the industry to proceed forward with unison turning adversity to a unifying and energizing force.
This vocal and fearless spokesman of the industry is motivated by the patriotic desire to contribute to national good and well-being.
His successfully representation for securing a free market operating regime brought benefit in the shape of increased production and enhanced textile exports that reached a record USD 13.9 billion. Ensuring of the free market mechanism brought much benefit to the value added sector and resulted in a resource transfer of Rs. 350 billion to the farm sector of the cotton economy.
Mr. Gohar Ejaz successfully fought to save the industry from gas and electricity supply disruptions. Due to his Endeavour’s for an equitable sharing and prudent management of energy distribution (electricity and gas) the woes of the industry were lessened, the wheels of production kept moving, employment remained intact and export commitments were abided with and national goodwill and honor upheld.
Zero rating for the textile industry value chain and exports brought into place as a result of his persistent representation of the merits of zero rating saved the industry from the hassles of obtaining refund and contributed positively to the economy.
Notable are Gohar Ejaz’s efforts to establish fore for top notch research as centers of excellence for the vertical and horizontal growth of cotton in Pakistan. His input for short and medium term planning for ensuring energy security for industry and other areas has been found to be positive and is helping to further matters in the right direction.
Mr. Gohar Ejaz’s vision for an interest rate regime that is globally competitive has its own merits and is all set to lead to increased industrial investment and growth when permitted internationally and provided domestically.
Mr. Gohar Ejaz’s vision for increasing industrial output to bring about increased exports to the tune of the USD 25 billion by 2015, USD 1 billion investment per annum, one million new jobs etc. has given direction to and has set the course for public planning accordingly.



Dialysis is necessary for those patients whose kidneys are not working, that patients will have to live on the dialysis technique for the rest of his/her life. Mr. Gohar Ejaz has established a most modern state of the art Dialysis Centre at Jinnah Hospital, Lahore in the memory of his beloved father Sheikh Ejaz Ahmed. The Sheikh Ejaz Ahmed Dialysis Centre is designed for dialysis of more than 100 patients in 3 shifts with 1000 dialysis per month. The patients are dialyzed free of cost at this dialysis centre. The treatment and facilities are above par as compared with any other kidney centre in public or private sector (Alhamdulillah). The annual budget to run this dialysis centre is approximately Rs. 20.00 million which is providing by him.



  • Highest Civilian Award Presented by The President of Pakistan in recognition of his services to the public in 2011.


  • Presented by President of Pakistan in 2012.


  • Presented by President Northern Indian Textile Mills Association (NITMA) in 2011.

Lake City

Lake City is a resort / residential development, planned 13 km on the outskirts of Lahore. The affluent factor in nominating the site, in view of the mounting pollution levels in the city, were its environmentally serene surrounding in close proximity to Lahore. The development derives its name from the artificial lakes that will form the focal point of the habitat. Website :http://www.lakecitylahore.com

Ejaz Group of Companies

EJAZ GROUP OF COMPANNIES was established in 1950 with the objective of setting up an international trading house in Pakistan. Trading in the fields of Polypropylene, Chemicals, Oils, Cement, Textile and other related products was successfully achieved by the end of 1980. Website: http://www.ejazgroup.com


Address: 34/E-1 Gulberg III, Lahore, Pakistan
E-mail: gohar@ejazgroup.com